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Your brand-new vehicle is stunning with its powerful engine, clean interior, and perfect paint. The thing with new cars is that each time you start the ignition and pull it out of your driveway, you expose your car’s flawless finish to unrelenting punishment. Before you know it, bug splatter, rock chips, bird droppings, and many other types of road debris can quickly mar the exterior of the vehicle you once admired.

Unless that is, you set up a great line of defense. That’s where paint protection comes in handy. Here are some reasons why you should apply it to your ride as soon as possible.

Showroom Quality

You may be devoted to all the standard practices for preserving the exterior of your vehicle such as washing and waxing regularly, minding where you park, and driving safely, but that does not mean all of that is enough to keep your paint protected. No amount of healthy preventative maintenance habits can stop road debris from striking your vehicle while you drive, and no wax or clear coat can provide the kind of defense you can get through paint protection film. It forms a permanent, physical barrier between your vehicle’s paint and the perils of the road, preserving the original quality of your paint.

Completely Clear

You will not be able to tell if the paint protection film is even there. The paint on your car will look just as glossy and brilliant after the application of paint protection film as it was before. In fact, it will probably look better because your vehicle will need to be decontaminated and polished before the film can be applied.

Enhances Enjoyment

It can be worrying about driving a new luxury car down the road not knowing what might strike it. Stepping out of your vehicle only to find a flaw on the hood because of a piece of gravel is disheartening. With paint protection film, you can have peace of mind knowing that the exterior of your car is defended from countless pieces of debris. You will enjoy your vehicle far more knowing it will look like new for longer.

Retain Resale Value

Paint protection film also offers financial benefits when it comes time to sell your vehicle. The same vehicle with similar mileage but no protection will have significantly more defects on its exterior, which decreases its overall value. When you are selling a car that has paint protection film on it, you can sell it at a higher price because even though it is a used vehicle, it will look like it just rolled out of the showroom.

If you are interested in having your new or used vehicle protected with paint protection film, call Landon Graphics to book an appointment. Our experienced team based in Edmonton specializes in vehicle wraps and tints.