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This article will outline practices that will help you take care of and maintain the life and quality of the graphics on your vehicle.

Vinyl film graphics:

  • Wash any applied vinyl graphics with a mix of clean water and mild care wash or detergent (such as dawn dish soap or ivory soap);
  • Be sure to test any cleaning solutions on a small patch of the vinyl graphic before covering the entire thing to make sure that it won’t react to the graphic and damage it;
  • Always read the warning labels on any care products that you use so that you can use them properly and safely;
  • Once you have washed your vehicle using the soapy water, rinse it off with clean water;
  • Then, you can either let your vehicle air dry or dry it off using a microfiber cloth.

The don’ts:

The indications of vinyl failure can include a loss of gloss level, fading, embrittling, cracking, chipping, or peeling around the graphic edges. Doing the following things will result in a deterioration of the vinyl film:

  • Allowing fuels to stay in contact with the vinyl for long periods of time. You should be vigilant in cleaning all spills as soon as possible;
  • Using automated car washes, truck washes, caustic cleaners, or pressure washers to clean off your vehicle;
  • Applying carnauba-based wax polish to matte or carbon fiber-finished vinyl;
  • Applying any type of wax products or polish to matte or carbon-finished vinyl;
  • Using mechanical brush washing.

Taking Care of Perforated Vehicle Window Graphics In Edmonton

It is pretty inexpensive to replace window graphics, however, you should never compromise your safety and ensure that you always have maximum visibility.

  • Avoid using rear windshield wipers and only use them when it is absolutely necessary since they can scratch the laminate over time and reduce your visibility. It is best to clean off any dirt and sediment from the rear window using a wet squeegee to help avoid any scratching;
  • Avoid using your rear defroster, and only use it when necessary since it could potentially reduce the lifespan of your see-through perforated window film;
  • Avoid frequent rolling of windows that have graphics on them so you can avoid scratching;
  • Do not use an ice scrape on any window that is covered with vinyl perforated window film since this could scratch and damage the graphics.

These are some simple guidelines for lengthening the lifespan of your window graphics. When it comes to safety, common sense should always be used to make sure that you have maximum visibility at all times.

Pressure washing should only be the method of cleaning your vehicle graphics in Edmonton when there are no other methods available. Keep in mind that repeated pressure washing will cause the vinyl graphics to lift around the edges and peel away, especially if the spray is at an angle to the vinyl’s edges. Plus, over time, the pressure washing will degrade the face of the film, which will cause it to lose its luster, fade, crack, or even chip away from the surface.