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Landon Graphics and Signs

Artwork Guidelines

At Landon Graphics we want your signs and graphics to look their best. We make every effort to produce your signs and graphics at the highest resolutions. To make that happen we need your help to receive the highest quality images and artwork files so we can produce the best quality print. Listed below is all the information you need to know to prepare artwork files for a successful print.


We accept files created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

  • Acceptable vector file types include:PDF, AI, EPS
  • If multiple images are selected for a product, submit one per image
Observe the following when creating your artwork file(s):

  • Outline all fonts
  • Embed all placed images
  • Submit all artwork files in CMYK color space mode. Avoid RGB, LAB and indexed color spaces
  • Use 100% opaque PANTONE Color Bridge colors for more accurate color reproduction.
  • A minimum resolution of 300dpi is required for raster (pixel) images. Higher resolutions and vector files are preferred.
  • Use vector art when possible for logos, fonts, and line drawings. Convert raster art to vector art when possible to avoid pixelation, or jagged edges.

Artwork checking & proof
When the artwork is print-ready, we send an electronic proof so you can see how the final project will look. We make sure to secure final approval before beginning any print job. These proofs are vital for making sure you are satisfied with every detail of your display.

Color matching
The PANTONE matching system is used for specifying and blending match colors. It provides designers with swatches of over 700 colors an dgive printers the recipes for making those colors. We use in0house color swatches of the industry standard PANTONE colors to be able to coor match and discuss client specifications accurately. For digital printing, we cannot guarantee a 100% color match for all colors. Use 100% opaque PMS(PANTONE) Color Bridge colors whenever possible for greater accuracy.

    PANTONE Color Chart
    Use this guide to assist your color selection and secification process. Do not rely on it as your only method for final color selction. This chart is a reference guide only. PANTONE colors on computer screens may vary based on the graphics card and monitor used in your system. For true accuracy, use the PANTONE Color Publication.