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Choosing the right vinyl decal for your vehicle goes a long way for your brand recognition, marketing strategy, and even visibility on the road. Here is how decals help your branding and how to create the best vinyl decals!

Why Decals?

Brand Recognition

The right decals will contribute to your overall brand recognition and reputation. Make your brand stand out with bright colours and creative images. Once you drive past people in your creative car, you automatically leave an impression and extend your brand reach beyond the world of advertising out in public. With quality decals, you will be very memorable. The more creative your decals are, the more people will remember them. With that being said, make sure you don’t stray from your brand image, this can complicate your branding and backfire. When you work with a quality designer, finding the right balance between creativity and branding is easy!

Marketing Strategy

Rather than purchasing a stand-alone billboard, television advertisements, or even online ads, why not take your marketing strategy to the city streets! Drivers pay more attention to the road than they do billboards, commercial-less streaming services are the new normal, and online ads are often overlooked. Great vehicle decals act as mobile advertisements reaching any audience who is driving alongside or walking on the sidewalk. You control when and where your ad goes, and it is a one-time fee! You pay once for marketing that lasts as long as the decal itself!

What Makes a Good Decal?

The Right Images

Having the right images on your decal is fundamental to successful branding and advertising. Your images must convey the majority of the information about your brand. Using creative images can leave a lasting impression on other drivers and road pedestrians. Make sure all your prints are high quality and exactly what you expected. If they are grainy, you will still leave an impression on consumers, but maybe not what you were hoping for.

The Right Text

Unlike other advertising platforms, the text needs to be kept short and sweet! Other drivers on the road, as well as pedestrians, don’t have enough time to read an entire passage about your brand or the products you have. The words you choose to include should only convey anything the images cant. Verbiage can easily be kept to your brand name and ways, which those who are interested can reach you.

You can see how and why having quality graphics, images, and decal material is so important. So for your business vehicle decals, make sure you are going with a creator like Landon Graphics, who has the experience, know-how, skill, and materials to generate effective and attractive vinyl vehicle decals.