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Vinyl wraps for vehicles are one of the most effective and convenient forms of advertising for your business. An extremely cost-effective promotion medium, a vinyl wrap’s ROI is very high across the nation. As you travel for work across various locations, you’re promoting your business to thousands and increasing your brand’s identity and prominence. Whether your business is just starting out or has higher equity, vehicle wrapping is a wise, profitable solution for you. Many buyers base their buying decisions and options on what they can see, not just what they read or hear.

How To Ensure Your Vinyl Wraps or Fleet Graphics Have High ROI 

    • Avoid Clutter: Design your business message coherently and effectively. Avoid excess clutter and too much information that no one will want to read. Viewers only devote two to three seconds to view and take in your message.
    • Keep The Focus: Your message should always be truthful to your brand and what you promote. Avoid intense visual imagery and keep it simple with effective advertising. 
    • Utilize All Space: Utilize the vehicle’s body space as much as possible, including the sides, back, and front. The right colour and imagery will attract and hold the viewer’s attention. 
    • Brand Essentials: Your message should always have the following: brand name and brand image, your tagline, a website, and the telephone number. Avoid photographs unless absolutely necessary as they often steal the focus from the real message.
    • Evergreen Content vs. Non-Evergreen Content: There are two types of content: Evergreen content and non-evergreen content. Evergreen content stays relevant for several years, whereas non-evergreen will become outdated much sooner. The content you’re promoting on your vinyl wrap or fleet graphics may be either type. If it is a non-evergreen content, you must continually update your visuals, message and other content on the medium to keep your brand relevant.
    • Promote Old and New: Great content is essential and will help increase profit, however, it is almost useless without effective, continuous promotion. If you want to maximize your ROI, you need to dedicate time to promoting all of your content, both old and new.
    • Measure Your ROI: It is extremely important to keep track of your ROI and measure it for every content medium you’re producing. If you don’t measure it regularly, you will be unsure of how effective it is, whether you should be trying different content methods and techniques. The ROI formula is based on dividing the benefit of the investment with the cost of said investment and the result you receive is the ratio or percentage you need.

At Landon Graphics, we will help you maximize your brand and promote your message via our high-quality, fully-detailed fleet graphics or vinyl car wraps. The most cost-effective, high ROI marketing and advertising method out there, car wrapping is the most viable solution for your needs. Contact us today to request a quote on our vehicle graphics, graphic design or signs to get started today!