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If you own a boat and are wondering whether you should paint it or have it wrapped, there are a few things you need to consider. Marine painting has been around for a long time and is generally considered the more conventional method of decorating the exterior of a boat, although wraps provide a number of benefits and would be a great option as well.

Wraps are becoming increasingly popular and here are the reasons why:


This is always a big factor in any decision and boat wraps are a more cost-efficient option when compared to the costs of painting. If you’re looking to update your boat’s aesthetic and want to do it in a way that is affordable, then a vinyl wrap is the way to go as they generally cost only about a third of what a paint job would cost.


The design options are endless with boat vinyl wraps and you will be able to choose the exact colours you want, along with any messages you wish to convey. When you print on vinyl, you can achieve any look you want and you will even be able to try multiple designs before making your final decision. You will also have the choice of a full or partial wrap and the final results will be customized to your preferences. In the end, your boat will look exactly the way you want.


Boat wraps are very easy to maintain and durable as well, so in the event of a scratch or dents, you will be able to patch them up easily and they won’t cause you any headaches. While it’s true that some paint jobs can last longer than vinyl wraps, they will require repainting and maintenance, whereas wraps will not, especially if you invest in high-quality materials. The quality of the printing materials, the installation process, exposure to elements and care procedures are all factors that will affect the life span of your wrap, so it’s important that you consider them seriously.

Vinyl wraps are becoming the preferred method because of their ability to quickly change a boat’s appearance and colour while conveying specific messages. They are affordable and serve as an effective marketing tool because the right wrap will generate interest and turn heads. In addition to successfully advertising your products or services, wraps also add a layer of protection to the boat, which is a great bonus.

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