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With winter approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the best way to protect your vehicle’s paint from the elements. Two of the main ways are through wax or ceramic nano coatings. They may seem largely similar to each other and do offer paint protection but they both have their own advantages.

Wax Coating

When it comes to wax coating, there are two types of wax: spray and hard waxes. Spray waxes are incredibly easy to apply to your vehicle’s exterior and are great to use in between hard wax applications. Meanwhile, hard waxes do take longer to apply than spray waxes but naturally last much longer and provide much better protection, especially during winter.

It’s highly recommended to apply a hard wax coating every three to four months, using the aforementioned spray waxes in between treatments.

Ceramic Nano Coatings

Ceramic nano coatings have emerged in recent years as an alternative to wax coatings. One of their major benefits over their wax counterparts is that they don’t break down and require renewals. Instead, the ceramic nano coating permanently bonds to the paint and can only be removed via abrasion – not even chemicals can dissolve the coating.

If maintained correctly, the coating will stay hard for a lifetime and provides protection from everything – be they scratches, corrosion, heat, or even UV rays.

Wintertime: Wax or Ceramic?

Winter is one of the most brutal seasons for your car, so you need proper protection for it. But the question is: wax or ceramic? Frankly, both can work. Wax coatings have long been used as go-to protection during wintertime and, as long as regular maintenance schedules are maintained (every three months and hard waxes with spray waxes in between), then they can offer excellent levels of protection.

If you don’t want to deal with constant maintenance, then ceramic nano coatings work just as well. An additional benefit is ceramic nano coating’s hydrophobic properties, meaning less dirt and liquid attach themselves to your vehicle. This effect can last years if the coating is properly maintained.

In summary, it’s really up to you and what you’re looking for in terms of time and benefits.

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