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Are you planning on using your personal vehicle or a truck to promote your business? There are a few options you can choose to deck out your car to make it look great while advertising your company, the most common types are vehicle wraps and vinyl wrap vehicle lettering. Covering your vehicle with your brand is a great way to get recognition around town and you can use it to promote your business 24/7 if you park it in the right places!

When deciding between a vehicle wrap or vinyl vehicle lettering, there really isn’t a wrong choice, it will all come down to what your budget is and what kind of company you are trying to advertise. The following blog will go through the differences between vehicle wraps and vinyl vehicle lettering and which option will be right for you!

Differences Between Vehicle Wraps and Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

One of the big differences is that not every design shop offers both services. An auto body wrap shop may not offer to letter, while some sign companies don’t offer wraps. This is a big difference because the cost between them can be in the thousands. If you just need lettering but find a wrap shop, it may end up costing you a lot more than you expected! On the other hand, if you want a vehicle wrap and find a “good deal” at a sign shop, the final product will look very cheap if you were expecting the quality of a wrap.

The physical differences between the two are as follows:

Vinyl Vehicle Lettering – Vehicle lettering is a combination of decals and lettering that are digitally printed wrap vinyl. The letters and decals are then cut out into their proper shapes and applied individually to your car.

Vehicle Wrap – A vehicle wrap is created from standard vinyl that has letters and/or decals that are digitally printed with a UV laminate. It is then used to cover most (if not all) of your vehicle.

The main difference between vinyl vehicle lettering and vehicle wrap is that the lettering is cut out and applied individually while the vehicle wrap is just one piece that gets installed onto your car, similar to how wallpaper is installed.

Benefits of Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

The two big advantages to choosing vinyl vehicle lettering over a vehicle wrap are the price is a lot cheaper and you can easily install it yourself. Since the lettering option only uses vinyl for the letters or decals that you need, you end up using way less making it more cost-effective.

The designs are also less elaborate than a full vehicle wrap, meaning you can apply the letters and decals yourself in any pattern/design you want! You can also trust Landon Graphics to apply it professionally if you don’t trust yourself to do it properly.

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

Although vehicle wraps are way more expensive than lettering, you can be more creative with your designs to make your vehicle pop! You can cover your whole car (except the wheels and windshield of course!) to transform it into the best-looking advertisement that no billboard could ever achieve. You will also get more exposure than a billboard since you can drive your vehicle around the city to show off who you are and what your company offers.

No matter what options you choose, let Landon Graphics help with the design, the vinyl printing process, and professional installation. We will help you transform your vehicle into an amazing moving advertisement!