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Dark tinted windows add intrigue and can also be better for the interior of your vehicle. Car owners choose to tint their vehicle’s windows for a variety of reasons and there are different tint processes to choose from. Tinted windows come with more benefits than you may have even realized.

That’s why Landon Graphics has comprised a guide on the four things you need to know prior to tinting your car windows:

1. The Benefits of Having Tinted Car Windows

Many people decide to have their vehicle’s windows tinted for aesthetic purposes, but there are also several additional benefits to tinting. A less expensive tint that is purely for cosmetics can also block over 99% of UV rays and keep you comfortable while driving in the summer. An increased level of tinting quality often has UV ray protection, heat reduction qualities, and infrared protection. Landon Graphics 3 Window Auto Tint has up to 70% heat reduction and absolutely no radio, Bluetooth, or cellular interference.

Some of the other benefits of tinted vehicle windows include:

  • Skin and eye protection
  • Extended lifespan of wood, rubber, and leather areas in your car and prevents damage to speakers
  • Decreases road glare and eye fatigue
  • Prolonged life of your AC system
  • Improves shatter resistance of glass

2. The Installer’s Experience

You want your tinted window installation to be done effectively the very first time. This means choosing a highly qualified company to get the job done. Visit the tinting company’s website and view their gallery to verify the past tint jobs they’ve done are of high quality. The tinting company should be readily available to answer any of your questions, concerns, and further information on car vehicle tinting.

3. Window Tinting Prices

The prices of car window tinting may vary, based on what you want to be done exactly and the size of your vehicle. For basic auto window tinting for a compact car using standard film, Landon Graphics offers to tint for as low as $140. A more expensive tint installation is priced higher, often because of the heat resistors it has.

4. Different Film Options

There are actually several different types of window films to choose from when it comes to tinting a vehicle. That’s why having your car professionally tinted is the most responsible and practical decision to ensure the highest quality outcome. Landon Graphics only uses high-standard film to give you the best service. All of our tints are UV reflective to prevent harmful rays and protect the inside of your vehicle.

For the best quality car tint in Edmonton, take your vehicle to Landon Graphics. We pride ourselves on offering effective services for affordable prices. Whether you want to tint your windows for visual appeal or protection from harmful rays, we’ll handle all of your tintings in a timely manner. To learn more about our tinting services and other custom vehicle decals, contact us on our website or give us a call today!