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Branding is an important aspect of marketing yourself and your company as a whole. A great way to do that is through decorative advertisements like stickers, labeling, and oversized decals. Any of these options can draw the attention of potential customers, but which should you choose? One of them or all three? And what’s the difference between a sticker, a label, and a decal? That’s what we’re here to find out!


The universal word associated with images that can be stuck to any surface, stickers can be printed on a variety of materials. Whether you want them designed for you, made from vinyl, or completely blank for your own do-it-yourself purposes, stickers can be used for promotional reasons, personal style or to convey a message you feel others should be aware of.

Out of any material, vinyl is one of the best options if you’re looking for stickers that can survive in outdoor weather conditions, like bumper stickers. Stickers are generally made up of two layers: the decorative layer that displays an image or text, and the adhesive layer that transforms it from a simple piece of paper. If it’s made from vinyl, polyvinyl chloride, or other durable materials, stickers should last upwards of eight years with proper care.


All stickers are labels. However, not all labels are stickers. Labels are used to define a much larger sticker that contains relevant information regarding product ingredients, instructions, warnings, or whatever else you feel potential customers need to know. Labels generally aren’t used outdoors, unless you count shipping labels. The only message a label will convey is product and company information. Apart from a company’s logo, the majority of a label is consumed by text.


A large, decorative sticker that’s used outdoors or as a design element indoors. Decals are also commonly used as decoration or marketing tools on vehicles. They can be printed in a variety of sizes, some large enough to wrap around an entire car, which is a great and non-permanent option for redesigning your vehicle. For less extravagant decals, they can be transferred from one surface to another without much difficulty. They’re made up of three layers: the decal itself, sandwiched between two pieces of paper. Made through an eco-solvent printing process or through the use of latex ink in thermal color printers, well-made decals can last three years outside, if they’ve been laminated. Printed on vinyl or clear polyester, the number of designs you can create and obtain is endless.

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