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Taking good care of your car is not always easy and scratches and dents are inevitable, which can be frustrating. The good news is that many of them are minor and there are easy and quick fixes that can help cover up small scratches on your car without costing you a fortune.

The following tips will help you with quick fixes:

1. Consider using a custom vehicle wrap coating, which can hide the scratch while giving your car a fresh new look as well. You can customize the wrap and add a racing stripe, for example, to revamp the appearance of your car and give it a sporty look. Custom wraps can be used on factory painted finishes, metal, chrome, aluminum and plastic and goes well with all of them.

2. Have a car magnet created, which is great if you happen to own a business or want to promote a brand. A car magnet would serve two purposes by hiding the scratch and advertising your brand, which serves as an additional marketing tool for your company. This idea will not only help you get your name out there, it will successfully hide any dents and scratches too.

3. Get creative by getting a custom car graphic printed on your car and you can choose one that suits your personality, style and taste. This is a unique way of covering up scratches and dents, and you can play around with the different options, including vehicle lettering. You won’t have to worry about the weather affecting your graphics because they are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and will not fade.

4. Use wax crayons and apply a clear lacquer or polish afterwards. This is a very effective tip that works well if the scratch is not deep and will hide it very well.

5. Get your hands on a magic pen. A clear lacquer pen generally works well for most of the major car paint colours and if you are able to match one with the shade of your car, you can follow it up with a polish.

These are just five simple tips you can try if you run into a scratch or a dent so that they don’t interfere with the appearance of your car, and Landon Graphics can provide you with more ideas. We are located in Edmonton and specialize in car decals, car tints, custom vinyl car wraps and also offer ceramic pro coating for our clients. It’s frustrating to see a scratch or dent on your car, especially when it’s new, but you don’t have to let it bring you down because we can take care of it for you. Contact us today for all of your custom vehicle decal and car wrap needs!