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The same reason you want to tint rather than wrap is the same reason another person will want to wrap rather than tint. So let’s break down the two to help you decide which is the best option for you and your vehicle specifically.

Wrapping vs Tinting

Before you can determine if you should wrap or tint your car, you should know the concrete difference between wrapping and tinting your car.

What Is Car Wrapping?

Car wrapping is installing an opaque vinyl wrapping on your car’s exterior. The car wrap may be one solid colour or have a complex graphic design. It completely covers up the existing colour of the car and can be both matte or shiny. When it comes to windows, you can add wrapping but there are specific regulations to follow to ensure driving conditions are maintained.

What Is Tinting?

Window tinting specifically focuses on the windows of the vehicle. To tint windows, a translucent sheet of tint is applied to the inside or outside of windows and does not impact any other components of the car’s exterior or interior.

Benefits Of Wrapping

  • Wrapping your car is a way to add full graphics to a car

Add more detail than just colour, car wrappings afford high-quality images and text. 

  • Any kind of colour you want

Add just about anything to your car with custom wrapping. You are only limited to your own creativity.

  • Adds a highly unique element to your car

Unless you copy another person’s design, your vehicle will be the only one with your specific graphic! Even better, unify your entire fleet with the same wrapping!

Benefits Of Tinting

  • UVA and UVB protection

Window tint can block out around 99% of damaging sun rays.

  • Protect the interior of your vehicles

By preventing the full range of light from entering your vehicle, you are protecting the interior of your cars.

  • Not flashy

Window tinting is not flashy. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Your car is instantly more low profile when you add tint to windows.

Who Should Wrap?

If you want any sort of graphic or branding promotion, car wrapping is for you! You should also wrap your car if you are interested in changing the kind of finish it has or if you are interested in a different colour. If you’re making long drives in your car, you may want to skip the window wrapping. Because graphics may obstruct parts of your view, long drives are not recommended.

Who Should Tint?

Keep things extremely professional with uniform window tinting for your entire fleet. If you are concerned about sun safety and long drives, window tinting is the best option.

Know whether you want to tint or wrap? Either way, get started with the team at Landon Graphics in Edmonton! If you need more help deciding, we can help there, too. Call today and book your free consultation!