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The main purpose of a vehicle wrap, whether it’s a car or truck, is to get the name of your brand or company out there and ensure customers recognize your automobile as soon as they see it. The goal is to reach a wide audience to increase sales and the number of clients you currently have and while this seems like a very easy thing to do, there’s actually a lot of thought that needs to go into the wrapping of your vehicle so that you stand out for all of the right reasons.

In order to get customers to recognize you and successfully expand your business, you must keep the following in mind so that your fleet serves the right purpose while on the road and there is no confusion in terms of who you are and what you offer:

  1. Consistency. Brand recognition can only be achieved if you are consistent with the information you provide. This means using the same logo, font, colours and design so that customers associate these elements with your company specifically. If you change this information or have a different wrap on each of your cars, you will create confusion and customers will not remember the name of your business or feel the need to conduct business with you. You need to establish a pattern so that clients know what to expect and remember your logo, message or sign.
  2. Be direct. While creativity is important, you don’t want your product to get lost or your services to be unclear as this will lead to confusion. Be obvious with what it is that you provide so that customers recognize it immediately and are not left wondering what it is that you’re trying to offer. Graphics can be artistic so long as it does not take away from your services or brand as that will defeat the purpose of a car wrap. Remember that the other drivers don’t have a lot of time to look at a sign or message, so your ad should be clear and direct for drivers to grasp.
  3. Greatness. This sounds simple and cliché but unless you’re excellent at everything you do, you will not generate the business you’re after. In order to gain more customers and promote your business successfully, you need to offer quality in everything that you do, including your design and creativity so that potential clients associate greatness to your company and brand. People will recognize excellence and this will lead them to you and your services, so put the time and effort into everything you do, including your car wrap.

If you want perfection, Landon Graphics in Edmonton will help you achieve it. They specialize in custom vehicle decals and car tints, so if you want the perfect vinyl car wraps for your fleet or ceramic pro coating, contact them today and they’ll provide you with the exact car wrap you’re after!