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Maintaining a car’s paint can be quite a task, given that cars are constantly exposed to changing environmental conditions, sunlight, rains, and harsh cold temperatures.

For many years, car owners have tacked paint issues by re-applying coats of wax, which needs frequent applications. Automotive ceramic coating is a great alternative to wax for many reasons. Firstly, it lasts for a much longer duration, anywhere between three to five years, and has a shiny and lustrous finish. Secondly, it helps to protect the car’s paint from contaminants like sunlight, acidic contaminants, bird droppings, dirt and grime and even light scratches. While the ceramic coating doesn’t need you to continually reapply a fresh coat, bear in mind that any kind of coating needs to still be protected and cared for if you want to reap the long-term benefits. There are many benefits why car owners opt for a ceramic coating:

  • A ceramic coating helps to maintain the original coat of the car’s paint with minimal effort
  • Help to protect your car’s exteriors for an extended time
  • Create a seamless barrier between the external dust and paint of your car making it almost impossible for dust particles to stick to your car
  • Though they cost more than regular waxing, due to their longevity, they prove to be cost-effective in the long run

Here are some tips to maintain the ceramic coating and get the best out of it:

Maintaining a ceramic coating

Immediate exposure to sunlight for about 24 hours after you have applied ceramic coating helps you to speed up the coat’s curing time and harden the coating. It is important to keep the surface dry for the first 24 hours after coating. However, if by chance the coat gets wet, you can try to gently dry it off before water spots begin to show up. It is best to avoid soaps or any chemical cleaning liquids for the first five days after you have ceramic coated your car. Most importantly, you must avoid automatic car wash for at least the first five days as it can easily damage the finish. Inform car dealers and service centers about the five-day caveat and advise them to only wash your vehicle manually.

Washing at home

When washing a car at home make sure to start by rinsing off heavy dirt and grime, using a hose. This will help to ensure that large particles do not scratch off the finish during the wash. You can follow the rinse with a wash cleaner. Make sure to wash the car in a downwards direction from top to bottom, preventing abrasion from particles of the wash solution.  Remember that vertical swipes can produce scratches that will only be visible in broad daylight at a certain angle. Rinse your washcloth after every use thoroughly. This will ensure no dust particles cling to it and rub off your new paint. Microfibre towels are best for patting off excess water. Using a delicate washing method can ensure that your car looks good for an extended time.

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