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There is a significant amount of information available on how to apply vinyl lettering graphics to the window of a car. However, eventually those vinyl graphics have to be removed and replaced with a fresh new graphic. When it comes time to remove the vinyl lettering, it’s crucial to how to remove the vinyl in the smoothest, most effective way to ensure the structure of the glass.

If you’re ready to remove your old vinyl graphics, read on for the most effective tools and techniques to remove vinyl with ease.

Five-Step Vinyl Removal Guide

For effective removal of old vinyl decals, apply the following five steps:

  • Clean Decal: First off, it’s crucial to remove the decal and clean it as well as the area surrounding it. To clean the vinyl decal area, apply soapy water to a cleaning cloth and apply it to the area as well as the sticker itself. This can help prevent grime and grit from interfering with the decal’s adhesive.
  • Warm It Up: To prep the decal for removal and make the process much easier, use a hairdryer and apply heat to the sticker. The heat helps to release the strong adhesive at the back of the decal and allow it to pull off with ease. A hairdryer is much safer to use on a vehicle than a heat gun.
  • Scrape Under Decal: Once the sticker has been warmed up for removal, you can begin scraping underneath it with a card at an angle and peel back the decal. Do not use a box cutter or any sharp razor blade to remove the decay, because it could negatively affect the car’s paint and cause scratches.
  • Glue Removal: Use a dab of the glue removal product applied to a microfiber cloth and rub it onto the back’s glue residue. Allow it to absorb the glue and remove the rest with soapy water until the glue has completely dissolved.
  • Wash Again: To remove the glue and ensure the glass is clean, wash the area again, dry it and consider waxing the entire area to ensure surface protection.

What Removers To Use

Depending on the custom vehicle decals, the adhesive residue may be too strong to be removed with just warm soap and water. Fortunately, there are several products that can more effectively remove the decal and residue, including:

  • Rapid Remover: Rapid remover fluid is commonly used by professional decal makers. It can rapidly break down adhesive residue once applied. Try to remove the decal first and then apply the rapid remover to penetrate the adhesive backing. The solution is also water soluble, which makes it quite easy to rinse off and clean.

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