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Most likely, at one point in time in your business’s lifespan, there will come a time to change your logo. Sometimes this is just modernizing it, while other times it is a full rebrand that changes everything about it. When you are considering such a change, it usually means that you dislike your current logo though. Communicate exactly what you do not like to your designer so that you can get the results you want. So, how do you know it’s time to get a new logo?

What are you offering?

You need to remember what a logo is. Your logo is the method of communicating to the public who you are. It is just a single image, but it plays a big role, and a lot rides on its ability to speak with your audience successfully. A good place to start with a logo is to ask, “has my business grown to the point where we have expanded what we offer to our clients?” If the answer to this is yes, then it is time for a new logo.

Who are you trying to appeal to?

Markets change and grow. As new generations come of age and start entering the market with disposable income, you might find that your business appeals to them on paper. Just because it hypothetically appeals, not having the right branding may mean they do not know who you are. The changing tastes between generations, gender, and other demographics means that you have to look at your logo and decide if it is too niche or too general. If you don’t seem to be appealing to your target audience, or a new audience you want to target, it may be time to make major changes.

Is it versatile across all media?

Your current design, especially if it was designed before the days of the internet, may not look great across all channels. What looks good on letterhead may not work for business cards or may not work for a storefront. If your logo is too busy, this is most likely the case. Consider a new logo if this is true.

It is a bit outdated…

What looked amazing in the 80s, 90s, or even the 00s may end up looking quite dated in the current market. Even the most simplistic logos can end up looking dated, even if it is the font selection. Try to look at your logo through the eyes of the current landscape and see if it reflects a little bit too much to days gone by.

Do you even like it?

Maybe your logo suits the time, it is versatile, and it is hitting your demographics… but you just don’t like it. If this is the case, then you are always able to create a new logo. Your business reflects you, first and foremost, and if you do not like the way it looks it becomes a poor representation of yourself. Get a logo that you love.

The team at Landon Graphics wants you to have a logo that you love. Contact us today, and we will help you find a logo that works and apply it wherever you need it!