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Have you thought about adding decals to your vehicle for either commercial or personal reasons? Stop thinking about it and start doing it! There are so many benefits of personalization, here are just seven that apply to everyone.

Instant Advertising

Advertise yourself just by driving to work! Your car immediately becomes a mobile billboard the second you put a decal on the car. You and your team bring your advertisement wherever you go and quickly circulate your business name and image. Unlike typical billboards, there are very few restrictions seeing as your advertisement is on a car. Other than ensuring your decal is socially responsible, the world is your oyster!

Car Decals Spark Conversation

When you have a really interesting or unique decal on your car, people will talk about it naturally. When people talk about your car, they are further stretching the reach of your advertising, which is the goal.

Company Image

When you show up to a job with a car that has custom decals, your business image transcends your presence alone. Decal all the vehicles in your fleet to unify your entire team! Even use small variations between cars to make them more exciting and even more unique.

Decals Are Completely Customizable

Customize your car decal to display anything you want. Use your decal to promote a certain product, your own personal interest, and so much more. Decals can sit just about anywhere on your vehicle as well, just make sure they don’t disrupt your driving vision!

Last A Long Time

With proper care, a great car decal can last you a very long time. The decals from Landon graphics are made with extremely high-quality products and adhesive that stay in place for a long time without damaging your car’s exterior. This makes them the perfect long-term vehicle marketing solution.


Decals are especially great because they can be very affordable. Rather than wrapping your entire car, save some money and get the same level of creativity with a high-quality decal.

Great For Anyone, Well Received By Everyone

No matter what business you’re in, your team could benefit from car decals. For consumers, seeing a fun-looking car on the road is always a highlight of an otherwise mundane driving experience.

Here in Edmonton, at Landon Graphics, our team designs creates, and expertly applies your custom vehicle decals. Interested in upgrading your car or commercial fleet? Contact us today for your free consultation and quote! Let’s unleash your ideas together!