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1) Get your customers to work for you

Offer an incentive, like a refer-a-friend program, that rewards customers who bring in new customers. The best marketing is word of mouth.

2) Work on Your Website

Stale sites don’t attract business. Fresh, frequently updated websites show customers you’re a lively, active business. Give users an option to subscribe to get updates, then update frequently. Look for ways for your site to be improved. Too often, small business websites load slowly, are poorly organized, and are difficult to navigate. Make sure all links work and lead to up-to-date content.

3) Provide free, regular content for your customers

Content such as tips, hints, reviews, and other information can help drive sales. For example, a business selling paint can provide a guide on the best colors for winter. Such content is often available from suppliers. You can send this info via email newsletters or through a blog.

4) Put a Blog on your site and update it regularly

Nothing reads “I don’t care” like a blog whose most recent entry is a year old. Assign this task to employees who can write and spell—a poorly written blog is worse than no blog at all. Introduce people to your company and its staff. Highlight products. Run contests and giveaway company swag. Announce specials and upcoming product-line changes. Establish a “customer-of-the-month” tradition and do regular write-ups. Surely there’s something you can say to your customers daily.

5) Always be marketing

When it’s slow, keep your employees busy contacting customers. Create email marketing documents your employees can send to customers. Personal contact gets results. Mass emails are less effective and, given today’s e-mail spam filters, may not be seen by many. Go for quality contacts rather than quantity.

6) Join an online community

Encourage employees to do the same. Don’t spam discussion forums or other social sites, but don’t be afraid to use signature lines containing links to your Website. Establish common-sense rules for yourself and your employees regarding these social-networking and discussion sites, and always strive to be positive and helpful to them.

7) Upgrade your logo

A quick and cheap way to rejuvenate a business is by redesigning its logo. People are very visual and a good logo will help you stick out from a sea of similar competitors.

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